Thursday, July 17, 2008

Southern Fried Okra

My favorite husband will tell you he never knew how truly good fried okra tasted until he had it in the south. You may have tasted that breaded fried okra out of a freezer bag or in one of those big ole buffets, but until you fix it (the right way) at home you can't say you've eat fried okra.

There's a long list of ingredients so get out a pen a paper, this is gonna take a while.

1) fresh okra

2) white corn meal

3) salt

4) cooking oil

Okay, got all that. Now ,here's what you have to do.

Slice up your okra into about 1/4 inch pieces, cutting off the stem.

Place it in a colander and rinse with water.

Salt first then just pour your cornmeal over the okra.

(I just toss it around in the colander over the sink until it's lightly dusted)

Place one layer in a skillet with about an inch and a half to two inches of hot oil.
DO NOT stir it.
As it begins to brown, just turn it over and let it brown on the other side.

When you take it up let it drain of any excess oil. You may want to salt again.

Now start eating!

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TOCCO said...

This recipe came at a perfect time. My sweetie grew okra (yuckra) this year. He likes it. I don't. He thinks because I talked him into trying asperagus (spelling???) and him finding out that he loves it, entitles him to force me to cook and eat okra. Thanks... now I don't have go learn how to cook the stuff.... now, if I can only fake tasting it.....